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Shed Rental Process

Follow these 6 steps—they'll lead you from shed selection and payment options to site preparation ideas and delivery insights.

1. Select your shed

With several rental locations to choose from, pick the one that's closest to you. When you see a shed you like, click on the image to view all the details. If you decide to rent the shed, click the "Reserve this Shed" button.

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2. Reserve your shed

Once you’ve reserved your shed by completing the online form, a representative from Dakota Storage Buildings will contact you to complete the necessary paperwork and to accept the deposit along with the first month’s payment. We accept major credit cards including VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover, as well as Cash on Delivery.

To complete this paperwork, you’ll need to have your driver's license number, three personal references, your land owner's information (if you're renting the property), and your co-renter's information(if you're co-rent the property with another person).

3. Check your email inbox

You will receive an email that contains a copy of your rental paperwork. These are your copies to file.

If you're renting the property on which the shed will be placed, the land owner will also get the same information via email. The land owner will need to sign and return the form that grants permission for the rental shed to be delivered to, placed on, and removed from the property. Your shed will not be delivered until that form is received by AFG Rentals.

4. Schedule shed delivery

A representative from Dakota Storage Buildings will contact you to schedule a day and time for your shed to be delivered.

5. Prepare for shed delivery

It's important that a temporary foundation is laid—like a gravel pad—and that the path from the road to where the shed will be placed is clear and obstacle-free. Watch this video to learn more about the delivery process.

6. Set up monthly payments

A representative from AFG Rentals will contact you to arrange payment for the next month and to discuss ongoing monthly payment options.